The Muse In Between

Haven’t updated this section in awhile. Nothing new to report about The Vine Witch’s release. None that I can share, at least. I’m in that very quiet lull of having one novel awaiting release and being deep in the trench of writing the second book in the trilogy, which will already be completed when The Vine Witch is released in October. And that, actually, has proven a good thing. I’m glad I got to write the second book without the pressure of any post-publication expectations.

The working title for the second book is The Muse* and it’s a very different sort of story from the first. Set in the fast-paced city (obviously Paris, though my own fantasy version of it), it expands on the world of turn-of-the-century witches in some hopefully unexpected ways. All I can tell you is these paintings by Gustav Klimt were a major part of the inspiration for the story.

*UPDATE: Now titled The Glamourist. Coming soon from 47North!